March 17, 2018

Deck This Out!


Decks are where it’s at this season. Spring is just around the corner (hopefully) and summer isn’t far behind. Have you been thinking about building, repairing or replacing your deck? Now is the time to do it and the design experts at Paulis Inc. can help.

Still haven’t decided if a deck is right for you? Remember that decks are a time honored American tradition. Spending time outdoors and grilling, relaxing, entertaining or any type of activity makes a deck the perfect spot to be in your home. A deck will expand your living area and give you space dedicated to outdoor living. There are so many options when it comes to deck materials. A deck can become a very elegant and beautiful outdoor space.

How can you decide what type of deck is perfect for you or how to get started? Let’s take a look:

  1. Design. Determine what you’ll be using your deck area for the most. Eating meals outdoors? Comfortable seating to relax and soak in the sun? Lots of entertaining or quiet night’s at home? Once you’ve decided your deck’s main purpose, the design will follow.
  2. Size. A great rule of thumb for a deck is to allow 4 feet around a table or seating area to allow ample room for people to move about. Built-in perimeter seating is another good idea. It saves money on expensive outdoor furniture and allows extra seating space for guests!
  3. Sun/shade. Although they can be, normally decks aren’t covered. Determining how much sun and shade you want your deck to have is a good idea beforehand. If a tree service is involved, have them come and trim, plant or remove trees before your deck construction.
  4. Outlining. Want to make sure your deck will be roomy enough? The design experts at Paulis Inc. can ‘rope off’ an area that will include your deck so you can see if it’s the right size. It’s like a deck test drive!
  5. Cost/materials. Just like most home projects, costs always depend on materials. Pressure treated wood, cedar, redwood, composite and other materials will drive deck construction, repair or replacement costs.

Now that you have a plan, let the design team at Paulis Inc. help you turn your deck dreams into a reality. We can’t wait to work with you – don’t wait, the weather is warming up!

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