April 7, 2016

Keepin’ it Clean: Making the Most of a Mudroom



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Tired of the clutter when you walk into the door of your home? Need an efficient space for all the bags, shoes, jackets, sports equipment and other items that pile up? Feeling disorganized and looking for a way to clean up?

A mudroom is just the answer. The idea of a mudroom comes from over a century ago, when rural homes had long entryways leading from the back door to the kitchen where people could take off their muddy shoes and clothes in an effort to help keep floors cleaner. This was standard in the American family home for decades. Mudrooms weren’t necessarily all the rage in the 60’s and 70’s when suburbia was sprawling and less people farmed for a living. But, the rooms made a resurgence in the 80’s when floor plans became larger and people started acquiring more stuff to put in them.

Today mudrooms are less about floor cleanliness and more about clutter and organization. If you’re thinking about a mudroom to help you and your family become more organized, here’s a list of items to consider, whether your building a mudroom from scratch or even updating an existing one:

Space. Determine how much space you have. Is there a wall that can be bumped out? Do you have room to expand or is the space tiny? Remember a mudroom can be anything from a long entryway from the back door to a full sized room. When determining square footage, don’t forget ceilings. Tall cabinets with storage at the top are great for items that may only be used once a year, like Christmas decorations.

Storage. For many mudrooms, built-ins are the key to maximizing space. A generally rule of thumb is to have at least one locker, cabinet or cubby for each member of the family and one spare for extras or guests. Don’t forget peg rails, hooks and racks for the hanging items. Decide whether you want items enclosed, or left open for easy access. With kids, make sure everything they need is within reach.

Paint. If you choose to paint the mudroom walls, choose a neutral color and a paint that can clean up easily. You’ll be surprised how quickly the walls can get dirty with scuff marks and dirt. Paint manufactuers specify how easy walls can be cleaned right on the can.

Flooring. Choose a durable, easy to clean floor. This will likely be a high traffic area in your home so  the right floor is important.

Finishes. Don’t skimp on finishes. This room will be a place your family will be using for years, so choose functional, yet ascetically pleasing finishes, that will work well with the rest of your home’s décor.

Interested in a mudroom? Let the experts at Paulis, Inc. help you clear the clutter and get started on a tidier entrance to your home! Email us today at:

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