August 3, 2015

Kitchen Renovating Mistakes


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Mistakes. We all make them. When it comes to a home renovation, no one wants to make mistakes because they can be costly – not to mention time consuming – to fix. Working with the right contractor and planning out exactly what you need and want is, of course, a great way to start any renovation. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid when planning a renovation of one of the most popular and most used rooms in the house: the kitchen.

  1. Cabinet Fail. Not utilizing space efficiently with cabinets is a common mistake. As we all know, you can look at any kitchen and feel like there are plenty of cabinets but when it’s your kitchen, you never seem to have enough storage. Utilizing corner spaces (lazy Susans are perfect for corners) and providing deep drawers for oversized pots and appliances is key. Also, remember design cabinets that reach the ceiling. Even if you don’t use the highest shelves, tall cabinets that leave just a small amount of room before the ceiling just collect dust. It’s really wasted space!
  2. Stainless steel overload. We’ve all been in love with stainless steel for years now. It blends well with any color scheme and is highly durable. However, too much can be a case of ‘too much of a good thing.’ Inviting kitchens have color for warmth. Too much stainless steel can look cold and un-inviting. Try mixing stainless steel appliances with other neutral finishes like wood or glass. And don’t forget to add color!
  3. Lighting lesson. Poor quality lighting and not enough natural light is perhaps one of the biggest design mistakes made. Lighting – in any room – is important. Particularly in the kitchen, lighting is important for function and to create warmth and ambiance. Try to utilize as much natural light as possible and always put ceiling lights on a dimmer to help modify lighting during the day and night. Also remember that many appliances have lighting (like kitchen range hoods) which are necessary for cooking.
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