July 9, 2017

Screen Time

screened in porch_

This is it. Summer’s here and the living is easy. Or, is it? You want to spend time outside, but the flies, ants, bees, wasps and other little critters are keeping you from enjoying that fresh, outdoor air. You want to spend evenings outside watching the fireflies and listening to the hum of cicadas and crickets, but the mosquitoes see you as an after dinner snack. As soon as you have the backyard barbeque feast set up, the rain starts and you’re scrambling to get the food out of the rain.

Sound familiar? It’s time, then, for a screened in porch. Regardless of the size of your back yard living space, a screened in porch can definitely be the way to go. Here’s three great reasons why:

All seasons, all the time. Screened in porches allow you to maximize your outdoor living time throughout the year. Raining outside? Not for you. A rainy day can be spent relaxing with e great book on the screened in porch. Cooler weather? You don’t have to be out in the cold. You can convert your screened in porch with windows and contain the warmth to enjoy your porch year-round.

Curb appeal means a higher home value. Screened in porches are desirable. When done right, a beautiful screened in porch instantly increases you home’s value due to increased square footage in the form of a well-ventilated, picturesque area of the home to enjoy nature.

Pests are a pain. Who hasn’t found themselves dousing the family in bug spray or cutting the night short outside because mosquitoes are annoying (not to mention disease-carrying). A screened in porch offers the perfect solution to enjoying time outside during peak bug times (dusk and dawn) and all day long.

Talk to our experts at Paulis, Inc. about your screened in porch options today. Stop spending time indoors when you really want to be out. The backyard is waiting!

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