October 15, 2017

Take the Haunted out of Your Home

pool table in basement

Everyone associates spring time with clean up. But at Paulis, we love fall clean outs and building projects, too. There’s no better time than when you’re unloading last year’s spooky Halloween decorations, scarecrows and plastic pumpkins to get the garage, attic, basement or outdoor shed organized and assess how you can improve your home and keep it cozy and clutter free for the winter months.  Here are a few ideas for taking storage space to the next level or creating new areas of you home that will make you ‘scream’ with joy:

Hooks aren’t just for pirates. It’s the most underutilized space in any storage area: walls. Keeping items neatly hung on a wall keep floor space open, making it much easier to find ‘stuff’. Good quality, professional installed wall hooks can hand everything from bikes to garden tools and more. Hanging items up yet within easy reach can reduce clutter in every area of your storage space, from the laundry room to the storage shed. Use wall space wisely, it can make a big difference!

Basements don’t have to be havens for spiders. Have you been thinking about re-finishing the basement? Now is the most ideal time to get your space ready for the long winter months ahead. Reduce the clutter, add living space to your home and turn the downstairs into a desired den in your home. Media and entertainment, a pool table, additional sleeping areas and many other options are all part of a basement re-do. Maybe your basement is finished but needs an update? New lighting ideas, floor coverings and sometimes just a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference.

Goblins shouldn’t be in your garage. Let’s face it, the garage is a gathering space for anything we can’t find storage space for. Shelves, hooks and built-in cabinets are all ideas for taking the garage and making it a nice open space for your car, as it should be. If your garage workbench is hidden under mountains of soccer cleats and hickey sticks, we can help. Even ‘mini-gyms’ in garages can be created to give you more space to work out. We’ve got lots of ideas for making the garage agreeable again.

Like some of these ideas? Call the experts at Paulis, Inc. to discuss your fall project ideas. We promise, it won’t be scary!

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