October 18, 2016

Why Be Beige When You Can Be Bold?

Orange Interior

We all know color affects our mood. Most of us are welcome to the idea of color, but a little intimated when it comes to picking a color we actually have to put on our walls and live with. It can be a daunting task. Just a weekend trip to the local paint or hardware store and looking at thousands of paint chips and color wheels is enough for most people to stick with basic beige.

If you feel like you’re ready to make the leap to a brighter color, there’s good reason to make that move. Interior designers and decorators have long known there’s a direct correlation between color and mood, feelings and emotions. Color is like a communications tool, it can be used to signal action and cause a reaction. The perfect color will speak to you when you find it. It’s hard to get an idea of what a room will look like from a tiny little paint chip. Try asking for a color sample from your local retailer, then painting a large square on your wall. Remember that color looks very different depending on lighting, so make sure you look at it during the day and at nighttime, too.

Here’s what some colors can do for your mood:

Red – stimulates the mind and circulation. Have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Try a red wall (or ceiling) and lots to red accents around the room. Spice it up!

Green – increases productivity. That’s right. Just like a growing plant, green makes you reach higher. Try green for a home office or library. Be powerfully productive.

Orange – is the color of enthusiasm. It will help your mood. If the den or the family room is feeling like a glum hang out, try orange fabrics and hues of orange on the walls. Orange you glad you did?

Blue – brings peace and tranquility. When you need to tone it down and relax, try blue. The soothing color of water, blue is an ideal bathroom color. Try blue walls and a light blue ceiling you can gaze upon while soaking in a warm tub. It’s spa-like!

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